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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lesbian Girl Helps Unite Community of Small-Minded Crackers

Let this be a lesson to you girl: Don’t come around where you know you don’t belong.
They’re riding on the avenue and probably coming after you and they all look mean and strong.
Mean and strong like liquor.
Mean and strong like fear.
Strong like the people from South Alabama and mean like the people from here.

We ain’t never gonna change.
We ain’t doin’ nothin’ wrong.
We ain’t never gonna change
So shut your mouth and play along.

-Drive By Truckers, 'Never Gonna Change'

Every year at this time, we see a story or two about it; The gay kid who wants to attend the prom. As a society, we should be beyond this. Way beyond. It shouldn't be a story, it shouldn't be news.

It's a disservice to all of us, even when it's supposed to be positive, even when the message is how well the event played out. We read 'interviews' with the heterosexual attendees, where they all say they were fine with it, and no collateral sexual identities was damaged. How many times are we supposed to clasp our hands to our hearts and sing Whitney Houston songs about children being the future?

It's not news when no one is offended by something that's none of their god damn business. Or at least it shouldn't be, not anymore.

Indoor plumbing isn't newsworthy anymore, not even when some wretched hill folk who've never encountered it before, are frightened by it. It's just a fact that it exists. Our society doesn't put up outhouses on our Main Streets, to accommodate people who aren't ready to accept bathrooms.

And homosexuality has actually been around quite a bit longer. So why are we still entertaining the opinions of people who want it to 'go away'?

Everybody already knows by now, the story of Constance MacMillen, the young lesbian girl who wanted to go to her prom. A normal and modest enough goal, you would think. But instead, she had to battle a prejudice that seemingly engulfed an entire county in the state of Miss..

A Federal court, told them they were not free to discriminate. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA told them, it was not permissible to treat a young girl, practically a child, as a pariah.

But these good folks have a view of the world that's as self-serving, as it is small. Oh, they're all about God and Country. But they'll change either one of those things any which way they can, until the message suits their motives.

So they set up a fake prom. They. Set. Up. A. Fake. Prom. An entire community, children and adults. Citizens and school administrators. They set up a place, and seeded it with a handful of other youngsters shunned by these 'people'. The lesbian and the learning disabled, and one or two other kids who would do well to celebrate the fact that they were cut from that particular herd. It will only benefit them later in life to be grateful to be excluded from this grotesquerie of a mini-caste, these grubby cretins, enfeebled by their own hatefulness.

How hard they worked to hold on to their petty hostility, they hoarded their prejudice like it was pirate gold, they secreted it away and held it aloft to glory in it for a few private hours.

How did it feel to them, this momentary victory? Was it the decadent, exhilarating high of the criminal who made off with a coveted prize? Or did they dance all night in their tuxes and gowns, with the grim satisfaction that some southerners get, when they've once again fended off the will of the present culture?

It doesn't matter. Who cares why? My personal opinion, based on stories coming from the south (and other places too, sure.) is that there are people in America, who feel they have a right to prejudice. A right to amend discrimination laws, to exclude some other Americans.

They're looking for a loophole, in which it is permissible to allow some group less rights than they are afforded.

It doesn't matter why they feel that way. We can no longer indulge their voices in the conversation.
Tomorrow, 'Why they feel that way'.

Here's a bonus link, the story itself, won't give you anymore insight but maybe the guy in the comments section whose ramblings vacillate between Jesus hating gays, and lesbian vaginal afflictions, can help you understand the school board's case.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Peter Doctor's Principles

Dr Jack Cassell doesn't want to see Obama supporters urine anymore.

At least that what he says. But can he be sure?

After all, he's never seen your urine. Or where it comes from.

Just sayin'.

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